When your roof needs attention, it’s important to leave the work to a professional to ensure the structure is restored and continues to offer protection to your home. Although there are many different roofers to hire in the industry, not all of them are reputable or experienced. Here are a few main signs that you’ve hired a trusted roofer that can get the job done correctly.


Hire a professional roofer that is licensed in the state of Texas to ensure they’re legally capable of providing you with their services. The roofer should also be happy to provide you with references when you want to talk to other customers that have used their services in the past. This will ensure you can verify the quality of work that they perform and ask their customers if they recommend the services. The professional should also be capable of providing you with photos or physical addresses of roofs they’ve worked on to ensure you can check out the quality of work they perform in advance.

High Ratings

It’s important to read reviews that are posted online about the roofer to get an idea of their reputation in the local area. They should have good reviews that have been posted in the last year or two to ensure they deliver consistent and quality work. 

Everything is in Writing

The roofer that you hire should put everything in writing in the contract to ensure you can both refer back to it if any issues arise. This is necessary to protect both parties and should include details about the services that will be performed. The contract should also include the cost of the project and when the payment is due. 

By knowing what to look for in a roofer that you hire, it can allow you to use the services of a qualified professional. This will make it easier to find someone that has your best interest in mind and will exceed your expectations.

  • "I am overall very pleased. Everything was done very painlessly, all in one day. I highly recommend them."

    • Scott
  • "Tony went above and beyond to repair the leak on my Mom's roof. We appreciate the quick response and just in time for our spring rain in Dallas."

    • Sharon C
  • "Calidad Enterprises did a fantastic roofing job for every homeowner I recommended. The roofs are beautifully installed and of the highest quality. They are pleasant to work with and have good customer service. I highly recommend them."

    • Gail & Amy
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