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Roof Coating Application & Service – Lewisville & Carrollton TX

One of the roofing services our company provides is expert roof coating application & service. The addition of a coating will help prevent leaks, beef up your severe weather defense, and lower your energy costs. Roof coatings can often be done instead of a roof replacement. Contact one of our roofing specialists today to see if a coating might work for your roof.

Roof Coating Application & Service Lewisville

Roof coating application lengthens the life of your roof & lower your energy bills
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Benefits of Roof Coating Application:

  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ease of application
  • Waste reduction
  • Short installation time

Call Calidad Enterprises today to speak to one of our roofing specialists about the amazing benefits of our roof coating application & service in Lewisville.

Flat Roof Coating Service

With a high-quality flat roof coating, the common problems flat roofs can have are virtually eliminated. If your roof has ponding water, frequent leaks, or seems to be deteriorating faster than it should, a flat roof coating could solve all of your problems.

Before we apply any coatings, the roof’s surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepped for maximum adhesion between the roof and the coating. Using our special application process, the roof coating will securely adhere to your roof, and you will instantly reap the benefits. With the addition of a flat roof coating, you will see a reduction in your energy costs as soon as your next bill comes, thanks to the energy-efficient properties of the coating.

Metal Roof Coating

Metal roof coatings provide an extra layer of top-notch protection. A metal roof coating will help prevent rust from forming and leaks from occurring. With an expertly applied coating, your roof will instantly become more energy efficient. A “cool roof” coating reflects the solar rays and heat, instead of absorbing the heat and transferring it into the interior of your building like with other roofing systems. By giving your HVAC system a break, you will see a reduction in your energy costs after the coating is applied. This type of coating is also fire resistant, seamless, and waterproof.

Roof Coating Service LewisvilleDuring the application process, your roof is pressure washed to remove any rust, and checked for any trouble spots. Then all of the seams and screws are checked before the base coat is applied. Next, comes a fabric sealer followed by another base coat and the top coat. The result is a seamless roof coating.

Elastomeric/Polyurethane Coating

Elastomeric roof coatings are great because they work on a variety of roof types. This type of acrylic coating is flexible which allows it to adapt well to temperature changes by stretching and contracting - rather than cracking. Elastomeric coatings don’t allow water to pass through and damage your roof. It is also resistant to corrosion, deterioration from UV rays, mold spores, air pollutants, and chemicals.

Our team applies elastomeric roof coatings to the following surfaces:

  • Metal roofs
  • EPDM roofs
  • Modified bitumen roofs
  • Built-up roofs (BUR)

If roof coatings sound too good to be true, call a member of our staff today to schedule your consultation!

Flat, metal, and elastomeric roof coatings
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We provide roof coating application & service in Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, McKinney, The Colony, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village or any nearby city in North Texas.

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