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Water Removal & Damage Restoration Company – Water Damage Clean Up

We provide emergency water removal & damage restoration services to homeowners and business owners in Lewisville and throughout North Dallas. If your property has suffered devastating water damage, our experts are on call to quickly extract the water and repair the damage. Call us anytime, day or night, and no matter how severe the problem is, we can fix it.

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Water Removal & Damage Restoration

Water damage occurs for a number of reasons such as roof damage, storm flooding, and bursts pipes. We know that your concern isn’t as much about how it happened, but how the water damage clean up will be handled. Water damage restoration is not a DIY project. Our restoration specialists get the job done right using our expertise and high power water extractors. The sooner we begin, the sooner the damage will be nothing more than a memory. We want to prevent any irreparable damage, and for that we need to attack the problem head on immediately.

We use commercial water extraction equipment to remove every last drop of water. With the use of moisture detection tools, we fully evaluate your home or business after extraction is complete. If additional moisture is detected, it’s quickly dealt with. Preventing long-term damage is our top priority.

Another item that is high on the priority list is using our super strength dryers to completely dry everything. We also use dehumidifiers to lower the interior humidity level and begin comprehensive disinfection so there is no chance that mildew and mold can take hold.

Water Removal

Water removal is just a part of our comprehensive water restoration services. Naturally, removing the water is the first job after we assess the scope of the damage. This is not a job you can handle on your own. The best hope you have for saving your furniture and belongings is hiring a professional restoration team to take care of the hard labor.

Water Removal Highland VillageWith the help of thermal imaging equipment and moisture meters, our crew can detect even the smallest amount of moisture. And because mold needs very little water to flourish it is important that all the hidden water is found and extracted. Please reach out to us as soon as you discover the standing water and damage, so we can begin the work of restoring your home or office.

Water Damage Clean Up & Repair

Water damage can turn your beloved home or business into a mess. It’s wise to work with a restoration contractor who has experience with water damage clean up, removal, and repair. We have over two decades of experience working in the area, and our number one goal is to take care of our valued customers.

We understand the stress you are feeling when plagued with water damage which is why we have spent the past 20 years perfecting our technique. Let us take care of the water removal for you so your life can return to normal!

Emergency water removal and restoration services
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We provide restoration service for water damage in Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, McKinney, The Colony, Lewisville, Highland Village, Flower Mound, or any nearby city in North Texas.

  • "I am overall very pleased. Everything was done very painlessly, all in one day. I highly recommend them."

    • Scott
  • "Tony went above and beyond to repair the leak on my Mom's roof. We appreciate the quick response and just in time for our spring rain in Dallas."

    • Sharon C
  • "Calidad Enterprises did a fantastic roofing job for every homeowner I recommended. The roofs are beautifully installed and of the highest quality. They are pleasant to work with and have good customer service. I highly recommend them."

    • Gail & Amy
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